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A Collection of Companies United to Improve Lives

GoalsWork Institute provides a model (using the word goals as an acronym) for achieving personal, career, and business goals. The model synthesizes goals theory, collaborative strength, impetus of action, addressing limitations, and mastermind practice.

ScholarshipGuyLarry helps students from 15-72 earn scholarships to pay for college and university undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our technique helps people 1) find 100s of scholarships, 2) prepare reusable materials to reduce the time it takes to complete applications, and 3) say the right things so the committees want to give you the money. People using our techniques have earned from $4,000-$340,000.

Career Growth guides people find better jobs, explore career options, earn the biggest raises and the best promotions.

The 7 Pillars of Successful Marketing (Bryan Waldon Pope founder and architect) structures million dollar marketing on a shoestring for small business owners. The 7 Pillars include 1) Market Research, 2) The Right Message, 3) Marketing Strategy, 4) Campaigns, 5) Vehicles and Techniques, 6) Sales, and 7) Client Retention.



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