Reusable Materials 42: Answers to A Few New Reusable Materials

Alan worked for a high tech firm programming visual graphic displays for corporate security systems. He maintained his skills through regular seminars and workshops sponsored by the vendors of the programs he used. He also decided to earn a master’s degree. He petitioned his company for an educational reimbursement. They agreed to cover 80% of each class depending on his grades. He added two scholarships that covered his books and lab fees, plus gave him extra money for food.

Q: What are the reusable materials you suggest we prepare?

A: For 8 years, we’ve taught you to prepare the following reusable materials:

  • Reusable application including answers to all application questions, lists of awards and transcripts, and themes with subcategories and home-run statements
  • 6-8 reusable essays that you can modify and adapt within 10 minutes
  • 5 reusable letters of recommendation from school, church, work, community and other leaders
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

In that time, we’ve added a few additional reusable materials you may consider preparing:

  • Reusable and completely customizable resume
  • Reusable and completely customizable cover letter
  • Reusable phone scripts for setting appointments and reconnecting with local committees

Q: Why would we need reusable resumes and cover letters?

A: Many local companies and service organizations sponsor scholarships. The small amount of the awards prevent the committees from investing in building online applications or screening tools. Therefore, they may ask for a resume or cover letter instead.

In addition, you may use a reusable cover letter and resume for school or employment applications. Your reusable resume and cover letter use the same home-run statements as you prepared for your master application. You may copy and paste them into the body of the cover letter or summary of your resume.

Q: Why would I need a phone script for scholarships?

A: Local scholarship committees frequently talk to recipients as part of the award process. Scripts help you effectively communicate your value and why you deserve the scholarship.

Saturday we share several tips for enhancing your qualifications for scholarships

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