How to Get Free Money for College! Enjoy $100,000s in Scholarships–at Any Age!

Avoid student debt by getting free money for college through scholarships. This workbook provides exercises and activities to help students–at any age–to convince scholarship committees to recognize and reward their unique achievements with a well-crafted scholarship. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

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How to Find 70-100 Scholarships Perfect for You!

Several sources of scholarships exist to help you, or someone you love, get free money for college. Some sources provide excellent suggestions of possible scholarships. Others contain too many scams, frauds, and phishing traps. This brief eBook provides tips, tricks, and cautions for using 11 key scholarship sources. Click here to download it now!

Do the Work You Love! Planning a Rewarding Career

You cannot rely on companies or employers to plan or provide a rewarding career. You may increase your satisfaction on the job by identifying what you love to do and taking action to ensure you spend most of your time doing what you love doing. This book provides links to career interest tests and inventories. Buy it now on Kindle

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Problems as Work that Can Cost You Your Job or Stall Your Career

Nobody is the perfect employee. We all make mistakes or encounter problems at work that can cost us our job or stall our career. Learn the most common problems and how to avoid or fix them and keep you career on track. Buy it now on Kindle

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7 Reasons You May Not Get to Retire And How to Fixt Them

Baby boomers, and others, hope to retire in the next decade. Millions, however, will encounter surprising barriers preventing their retirement and forcing them to work into their later years: lack of a pension, uncertain Social Security, no equity, debt, and more. Buy it now on Kindle

Buy it now on Kindle