View the many testimonials about Larry Stevenson. See what people have to say about his impactful speaking, his impressive presentations and powerful messages.
“[Larry is an] Excellent speaker on a very good topic!”

“Lawrence Stevenson is a wonderful speaker. He…is very knowledgeable and very personable. His classes have taught and touched me the most. Very, very good.”

“You are always a joy to listen to and watch present. I received much positive feedback from my students after the presentation and we are positive we would like to have you back in the Winter semester.”

“The audience was enthralled! I was so excited by the principles. It was great!”

“Larry is a creative and gifted trainer. He is incredibly motivating. Larry is also a forward thinker. He has the ability to see the big picture.”

“I participated for six months and tripled my business.”

“After implementing Larry’s powerful topics and message, our company has discovered greater success within our clientelle and more importantly . . . our employees.”

“Where has [Larry Stevenson] been all our lives?”

“I loved your presentation. You make any topics fascinating.”

“I had heard many good things about you prior to meeting you, and must say your reputation is much deserved.”

“[Larry Stevenson] Gave cutting edge information!””

“Larry is a powerful, provocative speaker who changes people’s outlooks with his innovative message. He is a welcomed inclusion to our active speaker listing.”

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