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GoalsWork Institute offers several courses to help you increase income, pursue purpose, and live more abundantly.

Topics for our courses include:

5 Steps to Scholarship Success

  1. Find 50-150 scholarships perfect for you
  2. Prepare 36 statements to prove you deserve the money
  3. Solicit 4-5 reusable letters of recommendation
  4. Write 5-6 reusable scholarship essays
  5. Apply for 2-3 scholarships a week in 60-90 minutes 

5 Keys to Get a Great Job in 2 Months

  1. Identify your purpose, passion, and ideal job
  2. Adopt the “How can I help?” attitude
  3. Ask questions to identify wants and needs
  4. Prove you are the solution they need
  5. Make your 10s (10 contacts a day/10 meetings a week)