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Lawrence D “Larry” Stevenson  generates excellent reviews from conference participants. He gets them on their feet laughing, mingling, and sharing ideas. Participants in 1,800 presentations awarded Larry top evaluations–with no negative comments. Larry helped people in more than 30+ countries, on 5 continents, get free money for college, land the job they love, get bigger raises and better assignments, and increase their profits and revenues.

Larry customizes his presentations through pre-conference surveys and research into challenges facing your audience. He adapts his models to their needs and shares resources to help them achieve their career or business goals.

Larry will thrill your audiences with any one of the following breakout topics:

    • Get Free Money for College–at Any Age
    • Do the Work You Love: Plan a Rewarding Career
    • How to Get a Great Job in 2 Months
    • Get the Biggest Raises and the Best Promotions
    • Problems at Work that Can Cost You Your Job or Stall Your Career
    • 7 Reasons You May Not Get to Retire and How to Fix Them
    • GoalsWork to Do, Own, Become, Visit, and Give More
    • When Leaders Lose Their Way

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